Travel in Strasbourg

On the 18th of January, the 26 students left Fonsorbes to go to Strasbourg because they won a concourse called Euroscola. They visited the Historic Museum, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg and the little france but the principal visit was the European Parliament. They met others students who came from European countries. Two girls from our highschool were spokespersons and they talked in front of  545 students. They interviewed Michael Gahler, a German member of the European Parliament and he answered their questions with a real interest. In the afternoon, they debated with others youngs from 23 countries.


The 26 students in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Their impressions are positive because they met youngs from Europe and they could keep contact with some of them. They found this travel interesting because they learned more about different countries from Europe.

« It was really hard to exchange with them about our topic but I think that it was a good experience for us because it helped us to improve our knowledge in English and our European culture. » Sean

« This Euroscola day made me better realize that there’re big and important problems in the European Union to solve. » Aïolah

« I got to meet youngs European citizens who come from all around Europe and I could keep contact with some of them. » Emma

Malok Solène, Lafabrie Elsa et Eyssartel Jeanne


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