Tolmun day

Tolmun was a simulation of the United Nations organised the 1 March 2017 in the lycée of Muret with students from Colomiers and our lycée about « a better sharing of resources in the world »… and all was in English!

Firstly, I think that this day was a good experience. Indeed, we have talked with students from an other High School and especially with the International Section which has a very good English ! Moreover I have introduced my position paper and even if I’ve ever talked in front of more than one hundred people, it was the first time in English so I’m proud of me. Then, in my commity, I have proposed one thing for the children’s education and with the help from an other country, this resolution was voted, I’m happy !

However, I regret the fact that the negociations were more in french than in English in my commity. I prefer in English it’s better. More ever, many positions paper were in Spanish and they were not translations and I think it’s a problem for the people who study German.

Then, although in Tolmun we have many things to do in only one day, I found the break so short.

Finally I loved the moment when we have sung and even if nobody was with us, it was funny.



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