Like in the European Parliament

One week ago, on November 23th, 2017, the Clemence Royer High School organized a European Simulation.


Students of four places were part of this simulation : the Clemence Royer High School, the Aragon High School, the High School of Weert in Netherlands and one student came from Italia. The simulation took place in the high school of Fonsorbes. This day was cut in two parts. In the morning, we listened to a member of the European Parliament ( MEOP ) who is called Virginie Rozière. Her speech introduced our day. In the afternoon, every nations made a speech what gave some informations of the position of every country. Then, the hole group was seperated in four commities : Migrations and Refugees ; terrorism ; future of Europe ; environment. We had to debate and find solutions of the many issues. After that, we joined together and played an « Euroquizz ». We had to answer generals questions about the European Union. The winner won many gifts.

This day was very interesting. First, we could improve our English’s level. Only English was allowed, so, we had to find words to be understand. Then, I think it made us our own opinion. We searched arguments about topics that we never saw before. We had to act like adults and not like children. This day was a success. We succeded in understanding and be understood by people who had not the same language as us. Even if the debate was difficult to begin, we gave some ideas and we arrived to exchange together. Some students had very good ideas. Although this day was mostly a success, I think the topics are too hard for pupils like us. People who work in the Parliament don’t find a lot of solutions so I don’t think that we could find better solutions. Maybe we are so young but it was interesting to try it !

To conclude, after this amazing day, I feel myself older. It made me growing up. It was a really interesting  experience that I could do an other time. Thank our teachers for this day !

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